• Home Automation

    Your House. Your Rules.

    Get whole-home management in the palm of your hands. Arvig’s home automation options connect your entire house onto one integrated platform, making it responsive to your control and needs.

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  • Energy Management

    Energy management options allow you to save energy and money without sacrificing comfort by easily controlling your thermostats and lights.

    Set rules to have your home respond to temperature changes on your schedule. Detect flooding in the spring, or trigger an alarm when the temperature dips in the winter, so you never come home to an unfortunate surprise.

  • See what matters, instantly.

    Video monitoring gives you real-time, visual access to your home. View live indoor and outdoor cameras and get video alerts of special events. Visually verify the kids have arrived safely home from school or peek-in on the dog throughout the day.

  • Remote Access

    Be there sans being there.

    Awareness and control wherever you go, mobile apps give you real-time access to what’s happening at your property, offering instant connection to your home Remote_Accessand system. You don’t have to be there to be there.

    Even if you’re at the office, you can visually verify your kids are safe at home (and not misbehaving). Get an alert when they arrive home after school, or secure the door from your smartphone if they forgot to lock it behind them. Reeive reminders, status updates—endless possibilities of customized notifications and home control from anywhere.

  • Save up the 20% on Homeowner’s Insurance!

    Some insurance companies will discount a homeowner’s premium by up to 20% just for having a home security and energy management system. Contact your insurance company for specifics.

  • Enhance your home’s security

    Get more than just a smart house, make your home safer. Our products integrate with your security system to monitor, protect and automate your home for the ultimate comfort and peace of mind.

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