Managed Wi-Fi

A better wireless network


Enjoy convenience, forget the hassle.

A home wireless network should give you convenience and mobility, not hassles and hangups.


Our homes are becoming more connected to the digital world. Keeping everything online takes a little know-how. In a perfect world, all the devices you have at home—smart TV, tablet, game console—would connect every time, all the time and at ideal speeds.


But nothing is perfect. Our devices don’t always cooperate, the signal is not always strong, and sometimes, the router’s overwhelmed.


That’s where Arvig’s Managed Wi-Fi picks up the slack. It offers a better, more reliable wireless experience. Managed Wi-Fi isn’t just a wireless connection—it’s a network Arvig manages for you.


Here are the key benefits:

+ Help connecting new and existing devices.
+ Help setting up a reliable, whole-home signal.
+ Technical support from professional technicians.
+ Router replacement, if needed.