• Keeping You Connected

    Reliable, fast Internet speeds to match your lifestyle.

    From video calls with your son while he’s studying abroad or late night research to make sure you meet tomorrow’s deadline, an internet connection provides you a direct connection to your work, school, family and life. That’s why Arvig offers fast speeds that keep up with how you use the internet.

    Speeds up to 50Mb and higher in some areas.

  • Internet Security Features

    Protect your digital life.

    You don’t want to lose precious family photos to a hard-drive-destroying virus. Add internet security to your home computer to keep your family, photos and personal information safely protected.

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  • Got Wi-Fi? You do now.

    Enhance your internet connection with wireless service from Arvig.


    Share the love of broadband across all internet-enabled devices in your household. Why Wi-Fi?

    • You can do more on multiple devices throughout your entire home
    • Arvig supplies the Wi-Fi equipment and we’ll replace non-functioning equipment at no additional cost to you
    • FREE technical support from Arvig on any Wi-Fi network issues
  • School Partnership Program

    Our local communities are at the center of everything we do at Arvig. That’s why
    we will donate $1 of your monthly payment to the local school of your choice when
    you sign up for our School Partnership Program. There is no extra cost to you!



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