• Computer Issues?

    Arvig's Tech Team can fix it!

    Our computer and technology experts are A+ PC certified and can handle anything—from nasty computer viruses to hard drive cleanup and everything in between.

    Have a question? Need a repair? Contact the Arvig Tech Team at 855.599.8324 or techteam@arvig.com

  • Where in the world is Arvig’s Tech Team?

    Follow the map.

    Our computer repair and drop-off locations are shown on this map. The red markers indicate a location where we have on-site techs to assist you; and the blue markers indicate a drop-off-only location.

    View Arvig Computer Repair Locations in a larger map

  • Computer Repair

    Think Tech Team when your computer acts up.

    • Computer

      Enhance your computer’s performance by scanning and removing viruses and spyware with Arvig’s clean computer service*.

    • Basic Formatting

      Give your computer a
      face-lift! Arvig will
      re-install your current operating system with the latest updates.

    • Remote Services

      With your permission, Arvig will remotely connect to your computer and fix the issues while you’re online.

    *Our virus/spyware/malware or any other malicious software removal and repair has a 48-hour warranty.


    Our techs aren’t just wizards at support and repair; they can also build a brand new computer customized for you! Just tell one of our experts what you need and they’ll take care of the rest.

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  • Internet Security

    After a repair, you don’t want any malicious software damaging your computer. Add internet security to your home computer to keep your family, photos and personal information safely protected.

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