• Community Connection, Channel 14

    Arvig’s Community Connection, Channel 14 is home to a variety of unique content from polka and cooking, to hunting and gardening. You can watch live and recorded broadcasts of church services, city council meetings, local sporting events, special concerts and performances, as well as some airings of professional sports like Minnesota Twins, MN Wild, Timberwolves, Lynx and college games.

    Also catch community announcements on Channel 14, including: benefits/fundraisers,
    city announcements and community Information.

    Do you have an announcement for your event or program? Fill out the form below.


  • Community Connection Weather Channel

    CCWX is your REALLY local weather channel, offering you real-time radar, temperatures,
    warnings— only available on Arvig TV. Constant weather updates from the towns where you live
    and work, keeping you in the know at all times.

    Radar maps give you a variety of views, from
    national to very local areas, so you can see how
    the weather is changing in your area.

    Looking to advertise on CCWX? Call 866.253.4262 for rates and details.

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