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      Play whatever you want, whenever you want, as many times as you want. 75+ award-winning games to satisfy your insatiable thirst for gaming nirvana, with more added monthly. Jump now and receive your first month FREE!

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    Arvig sells laptops and desktop computers that are perfect for: + Internet surfing + Sending emails + Storing photos + Streaming music and movies + Online shopping + Social Media + Office applications

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    Our techs aren’t just wizards at support and repair; they can also help you purchase a brand new computer from Arvig, or customize one just for you! Get Started

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    Would you like to have the opportunity to have faster, more reliable speeds?  While Arvig continues to enhance and expand its network each year, there are still some areas that could benefit from an upgrade.  Yours is one of them!  With the assistance of government funding, Arvig is attempting to…

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    Malwarebytes is $59.95 for a two-year license or $3.95 per month. Free installation is available when the customer brings their computer into an Arvig repair location or self-installs. Based on Arvig service area, some restrictions apply.