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‘One Ring’ Phone Scam

The Better Business Bureau is letting phone users know about a new phone scam. According to ABC, the BBB is calling this the “One Ring” scam because scammers are using computers to call thousands of phone numbers, letting the phone ring just once and then hanging up, hoping you’ll see the missed call and try to call them back.

What you may not have noticed is the call coming from an international number, so when you call it back you’re immediately charged a fee which the BBB says could be around $19.95, plus $9.00 a minute. Some examples have come from the Caribbean Islands, Jamaica or the British Virgin Islands. If you think you’ve been affected by this scam contact your cell phone or phone carrier immediately, and keep an eye on your bill.

To be safe, if you see any unrecognized international calls coming in we recommend not answering and not returning the call. Phone scams come in many forms, if you’re ever unsure of a caller’s intentions it’s best to hang up and report the call.