• Safety & Security For Your Computer

    Arvig offers a full suite of computer and internet security products to keep you safe while browsing. What are you looking for today?

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  • Spam and Scams? Not in Your Inbox

    Protect your email mailbox with Email Filtering from Arvig

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    Block Spam

    Review Messages

    Low Price

    Block mail from known
    spam sources or addresses
    Quarantine suspected spam
    messages for you to review
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  • Online Backup

    Back, back, back it up. Arvig’s online backup solution, powered by Carbonite, automatically backs up and synchronizes your digital files. Think of the cloud-based solution as your own virtual archive, with the ability to view and share your photos and files safely from any computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

    Basic Backup

    Plus Backup

    Prime Backup

    + Sync, share and access files remotely with free apps
    + U.S.-based customer support
    + Unlimited cloud space 
    + Everything included with Basic, plus…
    + External hard-drive backup
    + Mirror image backup (a duplicate of your ENTIRE hard drive)
    + Everything included with Basic and Plus, plus…
    + Automatic video backup
    + Courier recovery service

    Arvig is an authorized reseller of Carbonite. Monthly plans are also available.

  • Antivirus? More Like Anti-Worry.

     AVG Cloud Care Antivirus offers essential protection that detects, blocks and removes viruses, spyware and malware so you don’t have to worry about malicious data creeping onto your computer. AVG Antivirus scans the web for dangerous links, warns and protects you from harmful attachments and downloads, and also keeps your data safe through encryptions and password-protected files.

    $59.95 for a 2-year license. Monthly plans are also available. 

  • Help When You Need It

    Having trouble with your computer? Our Tech Team can help.

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