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Computer Phone Scam

At Arvig, we’re always trying to keep our communities informed about potential viruses or other computer threats we learn about. A recent phone scam has been reported by a few of our customers, where the caller attempts to take control of the customer’s computer and then try to gain credit card information and potentially other private data.

Our technicians have learned the call comes unsolicited, often by a man claiming to be named Allen Ash, speaking with a heavy Middle Eastern accent. The caller states that he believes the customer’s computer is infected with a virus and tries to convince the user into downloading software which gives him control of the computer.

At this point, he may attempt to charge the user for upwards of $300 and ask for credit card information. From the information we’ve gathered, we DO NOT believe these calls are from a reputable source and we DO NOT recommend you allow them access to your computer or give them any personal information.

Remember, it is NOT common practice for companies like Microsoft, Apple or other large technology businesses to make unsolicited calls informing people of viruses. If you’re ever unsure on whether a call is legitimate or not, or don’t know if a call is from Arvig, hang up and call in to our Help Desk. They’ll be able to help. Arvig does offer virus cleaning services and sometimes uses these tools remotely over the Internet, but ONLY with permission and requests from the customer first.